Seychelles FMCG Distribution Leader

International Food Solutions has meticulously cultivated an unparalleled distribution network over the past decade. With a steadfast commitment to servicing all segments of the FMCG industry including hypermarkets, supermarkets, self-service stores, and groceries, We have established a formidable presence in over 1000+ stores across the country. Upholding our core values, we remain dedicated to advancing our objectives of expanding distribution reach and enhancing execution quality through steadfast support for our team. Our adept sales, marketing, and merchandising teams have made substantial contributions, fostering enduring partnerships throughout the years.
RETAIL Solutions

RETAIL: IFS Success Guaranteed


Extensive Distribution Network

We offer a full RETAIL solution – unmatched services, premium products, Food and Non-Food Categories, and Handling (Dry, Frozen, Chilled, and OTC) efficiently across the region.

Premium Brands

IFS offers curated selection of premium FMCG brands, exceeding consumer expectations, and ensuring excellence in every walk of life.

Excellent Market Implementation

Our methodology involves a highly detailed, data-driven, and systematic process to achieve the optimum level of product distribution.

Professional Sales & Marketing Team

Highly qualified and well-trained team for a faster route to market and achieving better brand awareness along with meeting sales targets

Diversified Product Portfolio

By offering a wide range of options to meet diverse consumer needs and preferences, this variety ensures accessibility across different demographics and regions

Decades of Retail Leadership

Our customer-centric, data driven, innovative solution approaches have helped us secure a pole position in Retail Distribution.
Key Customers

Customer Segments

  • Hyper & SuperMarket
  • Self Service & Grocers
  • Mini Markets
  • Pharmacy
  • Ecommerce

Hyper & Super Markets

Achieving 100% coverage across all modern trade outlets with internationally recognized brands distributed to these outlets, accompanied by the implementation and management of displays through a dedicated merchandising team. Emphasis is placed on in-store retail promotions to facilitate product demonstrations, up-selling, cross-selling, and brand-building initiatives.

Self Service & Grocers

Effective coverage of self-service, small and large Grocers with a proficient team that ensures widespread availability, optimal merchandising, MSLs and execute other strategic promotional activities with ease. Our focus is to maximize sales and ensure brand visibility in these retail channels.We have extended our reach with special tie-ups with local pharmacies.

Mini Market

A dynamic sales team adeptly covers traditional trade, including mini-stores, with strategicengagement and tailored solutions to drive market penetration and brand success.


Intensifying our focus on this Portfolio, we have built a strategic tie-up with major retail drug stores, government and private clinics, and General stores. Our fast-growing portfolio incorporates hygiene items for grown-ups and babies, Baby care, Hair Care, Skincare, Sugar-Free tablets, and much more. IFS Seychelles has invested in signification on the modernization of its warehousing and distribution network to cater to this channel. With the necessary tools and know-how, we enable faster market entry for our principal in addition to nationwide coverage


Our products are listed in major e-commerce platforms in region and these listing are management by qualified workforce. In addition, Social media marketing team prioritizes brand-building efforts such as awareness, trust and recall, fueled by effective co-ordination between offline and online marketing compaigns.

Our Brands

Some of the prestigious brands we work with...