An enterprises Excelling in Distribution of FMCG.

International Food Solution (IFS) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of FMCG distribution, boasting a seasoned management team with over four decades of collective expertise in the global food supply industry. Positioned at the forefront of FMCG distribution across the scenic expanse of the Seychelles, IFS epitomizes trustworthiness and reliability.

As an exponentially growing enterprise, we pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio encompassing a diverse array of premier global FMCG brands spanning food, non-food, and spirits categories. Our unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction serves as the cornerstone of our operations, propelling us towards continual improvement and excellence. At IFS, we are dedicated to surpassing industry standards, thus cementing our status as the supplier of choice in every market we serve.

Our sterling reputation for reliability and integrity has fostered enduring partnerships with both clients and suppliers, fueling our expansion and solidifying our position as a preeminent provider of food and beverage solutions in the Maldives and Seychelles. Through our steadfast dedication to meeting and exceeding the diverse needs of our clientele, we have consistently remained at the vanguard of the market.

We proudly proclaim ourselves as trailblazers in the provision of food products to esteemed establishments such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, institutions, and catering companies. At IFS, we are steadfast in our commitment to delivering only the finest products, placing utmost importance on fulfilling our promises with unwavering sincerity and integrity.

Driven by a team of seasoned professionals boasting global experience across all facets of our industry, IFS leverages state-of-the-art support systems and cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless operations and unparalleled service delivery. Our mission is clear: to bring the world’s best brands within reach, enriching the lives and experiences of our valued customers with every product we deliver.


To be the undisputed and preferred partner for sales and distribution to the Feed Services and Retil customers in the countries that we are present


  • Understanding, meeting and exceeding the business expectations of our customers & suppliers.
  • Create a portfolio of quality brands that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs.
  • Implementing the modern sales processes that is aligned to the market developments and is able to leverage trade opportunities.
  • Deploying competent sales force and upgrading their skills and knowledge through continuous training.
  • Leveraging the technological advances for quicker, insightful decision making and getting closer to customers and principals.
  • Be a responsible Organization that makes a difference by helping, building and supporting sustainable communities.

Our Values



We excel by prioritizing customers, surpassing expectations in every project



Consistently, our reliability is key to our delivery, making us a trustworthy distributor



We are passionate about FMCG, and continue to deliver results with dedication



In Unity We Thrive, ensures consistent distribution with our Suppliers

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