Headquartered in Male, Seychelles, International Food Solutions. is a well-known brand in FMCG distribution sector with a legacy of successful delivery for over one decade. IFS, with its exceptional team, can handle, store, and distribute food, non-food, and pharmaceutical products in our varied temperature-controlled facilities. Our highly professional and passionate team have launched multiple brands in this geography.

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Warehousing Space

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Pallet Managed

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Warehousing & Distribution

IFS Seychelles proudly operates state-of-the-art warehouse facilities. These warehouses offer a wide range of storage temperatures customized to suit varied product needs. Our high-rise racking systems are ingeniously designed for maximum flexibility, accommodating both selective and bulk storage volumes.

Our advanced warehouse facilities offer a comprehensive array of storage, picking, and packing options. Equipped with cutting-edge material handling equipment and software, we seamlessly meet our principals’ operational needs. Additionally, we’ve integrated automated bulk storage to enhance scalability and responsiveness to customer demand in today’s volatile macroeconomic climate.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we incorporate Lean and Six Sigma principles into our internal processes. Our operations are driven by key performance indicators (KPIs), ensuring accountability, early error detection, and performance tracking. The implementation of a Wi-Fi-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS) using Handheld Devices (HHDs) streamlines inbound, transfer, and outbound operations.

Our distribution operations rely on a skilled fleet with diverse sizes and configurations to transport various goods (including food, non-food items, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals) to the region. Our timely deliveries are facilitated by a wide selection of temperature-controlled vehicles equipped with GPS technology and overseen by experts. To optimize cost-effective delivery, we employ advanced route planning and space utilization strategies.

IFS Seychelles is continuously investing in the adaptation of the HACCP (Hazard, Analysis & Critical Control Points) processes to ensure ‘Food Safety’ in receiving, storing, and distributing. With the HACCP framework, our qualified professional team constantly proactively identifies risks to food safety. Our workforce has been trained and retrained on the Quality First approach.

We adhere to our motto: delivering goods or services punctually, in impeccable condition, and in the exact quantity required, every time.

Procurement Excellence

Our procurement activities are closely aligned with overall business objectives with a focus on cost, quality, constant supplies, and enhanced operational efficiencies. The team is constantly evaluating risks related to suppliers, market fluctuations, and geopolitics. Building healthy supplier relationships is essential for our business, hence our team is constantly involved in collaborations, negotiation, and performance monitoring. Building mutual trust with suppliers to ensure better forecasting, demand planning, and faster route to market.

Sales & Marketing Excellence

IFS Seychelles is pioneer in managing the Sales processes and constantly innovating to increase industry standards. Our sales and marketing representative are highly trained and constantly mentor to deliver value to our customers in every transaction. We have cultivated the sales excellence culture through data and insights. Our digital first approach assist our sales representatives to engage buyers in better terms.

We sales and marketing planning is well supported by excellent market execution by our team on ground. We and our partners constantly invest on both above and below trade marketing campaigns for better stock movements from the shelfs. In addition, we follow brand value reinforcement through the various social and digital media platforms.

Our Customer First approach give us delivered that additional value

Our Technology

IFS take pride with their investment on Technology to serve our customer better. Our technology investment does not limit to the below highlighted points


Integrated ERP System

Exclusive ERP system for end-to-end Operations, HRMS, and Financial Management. With additional capability of warehouse management with mobile devices.

Process Automation

We are constantly striving to digitize our processes to become paper less, hence reducing data errors and increasing transparency across our work.

Better Route Planning

System-assisted route planning for faster and fuel-efficient deliveries and hence generating high service levels.

Strategic Purchase Planning

System assist purchase recommendations to mitigate demand and supply volatiles.

Merchandising Effectiveness

Mobility-based operations for instant market insights and faster order processing.

Reporting Capabilities

Advance reporting and analytical capabilities to drive insightful decisions.