November 28, 2023


International Food Solution, we are committed to operating ethically, sustainably, and responsibly. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are an integral part of our business strategy, reflecting our dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment. This report highlights our progress and achievements in key areas of CSR during the fiscal year 2023:

Community Engagement

  • Beach Clean-up Drive 1: IFS Seychelles joined hands with Lospitalite & The Ocean Project at Anse Aux Pins on 25th March 2023 to spread awareness about “Sea Ecosystem and Keeping our Sea Clean.” As part of the drive, around 40 students from various primary schools joined us for the beach cleanup event. Our supercharged kid brigade collected around 108 kg of waste from the beach. IFS sponsored the drive by providing Pascual Brand Yogurts, lunch boxes, T-shirts, and Big Day Yogurts.

  • Beach Clean-up Drive 2: IFS Seychelles joined hands with Lospitalite & The Ocean Project at Anse Aux Pins on 27th May 2023 to spread awareness about “Sea Ecosystem and Keeping our Sea Clean.” Some university students coordinated with us for this event. IFS supported it by providing participants with Juices, snacks, T-shirts.

  • Seychelles Nature Trail on 13 May 2023: An activity for nature enthusiasts, especially trekking lovers, spanning approximately 25 km from Belombre to Portlaunay, concluding at Grand Anse Football Stadium. IFS sponsored the event and distributed Pascual Yogurts and yogurt drinks for the finishers and winners. There were around 125 participants in the Nature Trail Event.

  • Blood Donation Camp on 8 July 2023: Held at FSA ZONE in our warehouse, many of our staff donated blood, with around 45 donors coming forward. We sponsored the event by distributing snacks, juices, and yogurts for the donors.

  • Ministry of Employment – Education Sector – Healthy Breakfast: On June 16 2023, IFS joined hands with the Ministry of Employment at the Education Sector office at Independence House to promote healthy breakfast options in daily life. The initiative aimed to spread awareness about cultivating healthy breakfast practices from school days. IFS and Pascual Big Day Yogurt brand proudly sponsored the event and distributed yogurt, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, and water bottles to the students.

  • Donation of dairy products to the Ministry of Health, Seychelles on 30 Aug 2023: Our idea of providing products to hospital patients came about because the company believes this action holds significant value. Firstly, we recognize the importance of fostering trust within the medical community. We firmly believe that by providing a small yet meaningful offering of high-quality products, we can strengthen the bond between caregivers and patients.

  • Donated Bus Stop in Aux Op in collaboration with Lions Club : We built a shelter for people waiting for the bus.

  • Donated food products to old age homes: Providing them with biscuits, juices, milk, blankets, T-shirts, and umbrellas, etc. This is continuing in all the quarters.

  • Annual Staff Party – It is our 10th Anniversary Celebration with all our Staff at Berjaya Hotel & Resorts – Beau Vallon, Seychelles. IFS Seychelles presented our staff with long-time service awards. The event concluded on May 20, 2023.