Assistant Manager HR

Role & Responsibility :

  • Knowledge of HR Principles: Strong understanding of human resources principles, practices, and procedures, including recruitment, employee relations, performance management, compensation, and benefits administration.
  • Recruitment and Staffing: Ability to assist with recruitment activities such as job postings, resume screening, scheduling interviews, and coordinating the hiring process. Familiarity with applicant tracking systems (ATS) is often preferred.
  • Employee Relations: Basic understanding of employee relations principles and the ability to assist in resolving employee issues or conflicts in compliance with company policies and applicable employment laws.
  • HR Compliance: Knowledge of federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations,
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for effectively communicating with employees, managers, and external stakeholders. This includes drafting emails, memos, and HR policies/procedures
  • Organizational Skills: Excellent organizational skills to manage multiple tasks, prioritize workload, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced HR environment.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify HR issues or challenges and propose solutions or recommendations to address them effectively.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Junior HR Managers often work closely with other HR team members, managers, and employees. Strong teamwork and collaboration skills are important for building positive working relationships and achieving common goals.
  • Computer Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) software for data entry, reporting, and analysis.
  • Ethical Conduct: Maintain confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism in handling sensitive HR information and adhering to ethical standards in all HR practices and decisions.

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