MH’s customer service, partnership orientations, capabilities, capacity and reliability
MH is a real distribution machine with extensive reach to different channels. Customers are happy from the service, visit frequency is high with competitive prices.
Although MH has a good share in UAE FS business, meanwhile trying to establish a strong business for retail. Passion for growth is visible for the suppliers when we talk with the MH Employees ,  which makes MH the right partner in UAE

Sales Director, Upfield

MH is a professionally managed company and has a well-established distribution network across the UAE. They service to all the channels available such as MT, Retail, GT, and HORECA, and their service to the customers is of high standards. The team in MH believes in establishing a long term relationship with their suppliers and customers. This is one of the fastest-growing distribution companies in the region. They have robust infrastructure and state of the art warehouse and logistic facilities. MH has, undoubtedly, possess strong financial muscles, and a determination to invest in the market as per the business requirements. We, at Parle, are completely satisfied with their performance over the past few years

Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd.

Working with MH Enterprises has been a pleasure. Despite tough market conditions in the last few years, Arla’s Foodservice business in the UAE has been growing through MH and this is due to the wide coverage network in all channels, a strong focused team and an excellent customer service. We will continue working with MH’s management and team hand in hand to deliver exceptional service to our partners.

Business Unit Manager – Arla Pro

At Barrick Group, we have been working hand in hand with M.H. Enterprises for over two years and with the executive ambition to grow, our business continues to flourish.  M.H’s approach has always been visionary and driven towards implementing lasting relationships with customers and creating enduring brands that are mutually beneficial.  With a dedicated team, a remarkable protocol, M.H. continues to effectively handle and deliver our range of delicate food items.  M.H.’s strong fleet has continuously been up for the job and delivered on point

Head of Sales & Marketing
Barrick Group