Nestle Everyday

NESTLÉ EVERYDAY, with its heritage of more than 25 years, has established itself as the best tea creaming partner delivering superior cup every time and hence stands as a market leader in tea creaming category. Our signature KHAAS taste is the perfect balance of comforting aroma, layered blend of rich milk-tea notes, velvety mouth-feel and delicious taste.

Mixed Range:

We understand the tea preferences of our nation and hence have now introduced a powdered tea creamer specially designed to create magic in your saucepans with our KHAAS Mixed Chai Range. If you like, the traditional taste of cooked mix chai, then KHAAS Mixed Chai Range is your go-to tea partner.

Original Range:

Nestlé Pakistan has creamed your tea cups with the Original Range for years now. If you are an admirer of separate tea, either made with tea bags or brewed in a tea pot, our Original Range will surely make your pallets fall for its KHAAS taste.

Liquid Portfolio:

NESTLÉ EVERYDAY maintains its legacy of delivering KHAAS taste to your tea cups through liquid tea creamer as well.
Whichever pack suits your preference more, we promise you a KHAAS sensorial ride that is sure to elevate your every tea moment.